Our Staff

Becky Thompson – Certified Veterinary Technician


Our Certified Veterinary Technician Becky takes pride in the work she performs on your pets. She is very knowledgeable and compassionate toward your pets comfort and health. She is the best in the business! She graduated from Bel-Rea in 1998, but has been working with veterinarians for years before her graduation. Becky and Dr Stevenson have worked together for more than 10 years. If the doctor is not available to answer your question- she probably can!

She says her best trait is: I feel my strongest ability is to remain calm under pressure and to multi-task with ease.


Catherine Burris – Certified Veterinary Technician

Catherine Burris, CVT

I grew up mostly in Colorado after traveling with my family from Utah to Oregon. I graduated from Lakewood High School and worked as event planner for many years. After realizing I really wanted to pursue my dream of working with animals, I enrolled in Bel-Rea and graduated in 2011! I worked as an animal care tech at the school and did many volunteer hours at Aurora Animal Shelter and my internship at VRCC Emergency. After working with cats and dogs, I transferred to exotics medicine for awhile. Missing my furry friends I am now at Bear Valley. I have been certified in laser technology and have my A.A.S. And am certified in Colorado. The best thing about Bear Valley are my peers and watching all the different animals and their relationships with our amazing clients…I love to horseback ride, travel and eat amazing food hanging out with friends and family.. I have a beautiful daughter and husband, two cats a horse and my wonderful Lincoln.. A German Shepard mix. I look forward to learning more and more about helping animals everyday…


Alison Haskins – Veterinary Assistant


Alison has been working with us since the beginning of 2007. She completed her schooling as a veterinary assistant at PIMA medical institute. She performed her externship at Bear Valley Veterinary Care Center and we were impressed by her work ethic and positive attitude. She is now an employee with us and has had the responsibility of playing all the roles from receptionist to exam room assistant. We appreciate her sense of humor and attention to detail. Thanks for all your hard work!

She says her best trait is: My strongest ability working at a vet hospital is always keeping my patients needs first in my mind.


Leslie Espinoza – Veterinary Assistant

My name is Leslie Espinoza. I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. I come from a family of seven. I recently graduated from Pima Medical School as a Certified Veterinarian Assistant. My love for animals came at a very young age! As a kid we always had pets from dogs to birds to fishes and even rabbits! We also traveled a lot to Mexico and I always noticed how there’s so many animals in need that don’t have proper homes. I knew if I could help them by simply giving them water and even some food I would feel better. Secretly wishing I could bring them all home. That is why I decided to peruse a career in one of the most satisfying fields, Veterinary Medicine. My journey started last September when I enrolled in school to get my certificate. In mid May I was blessed with the opportunity to do my internship at Bear Valley Veterinary Care Center where I learned a lot of hands on techniques. Shortly after I became an official staff member doing reception and helping the other technicians when they need me to. The experience I acquired will be helpful in my journey to one day become a Certified Veterinarian Technician.

On my free time I spend a lot of time with my family. We always get together and make dinner at my parents house. One of my hobbies is collecting make up. I also enjoy watching all genres of movies with my boyfriend of 5 years. And last but not least I love spending time with my dogs. Gumbo, 2 1/2 year old boxer, Diesel, 1 year old boxer. They are my babies!!


My name is Megan Browning. I was raised by my grandparent in a small New Hampshire town. I graduated from Utica College with a degree in Accounting. I love that my work as a customer service representative here at Bear Valley allows me to work with animals. I also have 5 animals of my own. My free time is spent playing basketball or rugby, hanging at home with my animals or enjoying the Colorado mountains. I enjoy traveling and experiencing new places.


My name is Kim Mock, i am originally from New Jersey and moved to Colorado about a year and a half ago to be closer to the mountains. Growing up we always had pets so my love of animals started very young. My family and i would also foster cats until they found their forever homes. I love that my job here at Bear Valley allows me to interact with animals on a daily basis, my background is in Billing and Administrative Work. In my free time i love to just be outside, any kind of outdoor activity, I also love to travel to see live music. I think my best trait is that i am always willing to help others and assist them in whatever they need.

Brooke Stevenson

Kayla Stevenson

My name is Kayla Stevenson. Being that my mom is the owner, I grew up in this hospital and have always had a love for animals. I am a senior in high school and although I love animals I have decided that my passion is for children. Next fall I will be attending The University of Northern Colorado to receive my nursing degree and eventually hope to become a neonatal nurse. I started swimming at the age of 6 years old and am still currently swimming for my high school swim team. I also play the flute in marching band and have grown to become fascinated with the art of music. I have 3 pets, a cat names Missy, a coonhound named Cayanne, and a pitbull named Nikki.


I moved to the United States when I was 15 from Durango Mexico. When I was young, I was raised around animals and ever since then, I knew I wanted to help animals. As time passed, I grew up, graduated from high school, and worked in a variety of different jobs. I didn’t find happiness in any of my jobs and that’s when I decided to enroll in Pima Medical Institute in the program for veterinary assisting. I believe that this decision will change my life completely. I feel that as a veterinary assistant, I am one step closer to helping animals every day. I have three pets of my own. One dog named Taco and two horses. In my free time, I like to ride my horse Pinta and I love to stay active.