Dr. Samy Lyons


I have had a love of all animals and an interest in medicine since I was growing up in the suburbs of Chicago. My “medical career” started by playing doctor with my grandfather’s old medical bag and stethoscope. My childhood animal collection grew from stuffed animals to bunnies, fish, frogs, lizards and a dog. My love of animals continued into college, where I worked at an animal hospital and further reinforced my passion for veterinary medicine. After studying biomedical engineering and biology at Duke University, I moved to Fort Collins to study veterinary medicine at Colorado State University.

As I watched my family’s standard poodle develop severe arthritis, I became interested in comprehensive pain management, which led to my certification in veterinary medical acupuncture. This course focused on the scientific basis of veterinary acupuncture, including the anatomy and physiology behind this ancient Chinese medicine. I’m excited to bring this technique to Bear Valley and to help pets with chronic and acute pain, neurological disorders and other health conditions.

In my free time, I enjoy taking advantage of Colorado’s outdoors by snowboarding, hiking and camping with my family and friends and my pointer mix, Roxy. I also love to garden, and I grow vegetables for myself and my two very spoiled rabbits, Loki and Luna.